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GOP Candidate For Oregon Governor Confirms He Was in ‘Swingers Club’

GOP Candidate For Oregon Governor Confirms He Was in ‘Swingers Club’

A top candidate in the Republican primary for Oregon governor has confirmed he was part of an invite-only Portland swingers group for swapping sexual partners.

Stan Pulliam, who is the mayor of Sandy, Oregon, said in a press statement that he and his wife, MacKensey, “briefly explored relationships with other couples” beginning in 2016 before “deciding to focus solely on each other, our marriage, and our family.” Pulliam has raised nearly $1 million in the race for governor. Some polls have ranked him as the No. 2 contender for the GOP nomination. He said he has no plans to drop out of the race.


In an interview with Portland’s Willamette Week, which first reported about the couple’s involvement in the swingers group, Pulliam acknowledged the existence of screenshots from the group circulating online but said annotations claiming he was bisexual and yet publicly aligned with anti-LGBTQ groups were false.



There were also photos posted on Facebook of Pulliam and his wife at the Portland Erotic Ball in 2011, which occurred before they began their experimentation with other partners, Pulliam told the Willamette Week.

On his website, Pulliam calls himself a “proud pro-life, pro-2A, pro-medical freedom, and pro-private-property rights conservative.” Pulliam also says his past sexual activity is “consistent with the values” on which he’s built his campaign. “In Oregon, we really cherish values of individuality and liberty,” Pulliam says.

Pulliam has also called for business to defy current Democratic Governor Kate Brown’s COVID19 rules and restrictions. He also rails against masks in schools.


It is unclear what effect the revelation will have on the Republican primary. Despite his statements, Pulliam is still being excoriated for his extreme right-wing views and support of Trump’s Big Lie regarding the 2020 Presidential election along with the swingers club revelations. Pulliam called the 2020 election “fraudulent” last weekend and told the Oregon Capital Chronicle on Monday that he had “doubts about the integrity” of Oregon’s vote-by-mail system.

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