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GOP Candidate Compares Kids Sobbing In Internment Camps To Daycare; Says Parents Should Be Grateful

GOP Candidate Compares Kids Sobbing In Internment Camps To Daycare; Says Parents Should Be Grateful

Michael Grimm says internment camps are like daycare

New York Republican Michael Grimm weighed in on the crisis of family separation and child internment camps, minimizing the trauma to children by suggesting that it’s no worse than the crying at any daycare drop-off. He went on to suggest that immigrant children are better off, even safer, in these facilities.

Michael Grimm says internment camps are like daycare
Photo Via Michael Grimm/Facebook

According to New York Post, Grimm is running to return to a Congressional seat in New York, and currently polling ahead of his rival in the GOP primary. It doesn’t appear that his comparison did any damage with his base since a group of supporters was seen to nod and applaud as he spoke.

Grimm’s own record on immigration includes an admission, during proceedings that resulted in a felony conviction for tax fraud, of knowingly hiring undocumented immigrants to work in a restaurant in Manhattan. He served seven months of an eight-month sentence for the crime.

Speaking to Spectrum News Tuesday, Grimm described the facilities as the best time in immigrant children’s lives, and as an example of the U.S. taking great care of the kids.

They are horrible images, but the United States has taken good care of those children. So many of those — ten thousand of those children — are sent across the border unaccompanied. We’ve taken care of those children.

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He focused on the amenities available in the facilities, such as televisions and entertainment devices — or as Grimm described them, “Things they’ve never even seen before in their country.”

As for the recently released tapes in which an immigration official or other adult can be heard making jokes at the expense of children who are crying for their parents, the GOP candidate assured his public that this was no different from the experience children have at daycare facilities.

I can take you to any nursery and you’re going to hear the same exact things. As a mother leaves to go to work and has to leave her child at daycare. You’re going to hear those same exact things.

Grimm did not address the facts that children attending daycare facilities return to their parents at the end of the day, that parents leaving their child at a daycare know where the child is, or that daycare workers are allowed to comfort a child — all things that do not match up with child detention centers.

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