GOP Candidate Asa Hutchinson Calls on Trump to Drop Out of Race

There are several GOP candidates challenging Donald Trump for the 2024 Republican nomination. The problem for most of these candidates is that they have outright refused to say anything negative about Trump. And the only chance they have of winning is if Trump's legal problems prevent him from running again. 

Asa Hutchinson is a different kind of candidate. When he was serving as Governor of Arkansas, he presented as more of a moderate candidate. Unable to run for Governor again due to term limits, Hutchinson is looking to become the next President. 

Last night, news broke that Donald Trump will be federally indicted. Most other candidates were notably silent, but Hutchinson called on the former President to drop out of the race. He wrote in a statement:

"With the news that Donald Trump has been indicted for the second time, our country finds itself in a position that weakens our democracy. Donald Trump's actions — from his willful disregard for the Constitution to his disrespect for the rule of law — should not define our nation or the Republican Party. This is a sad day for our country. While Donald Trump is entitled to the presumption of innocence, the ongoing criminal proceedings will be a major distraction. This reaffirms the need for Donald Trump to respect the office and end his campaign."

Surely, all of the other Republican candidates would be thrilled if Trump decides to drop out of the 2024 race. Of course, there is little to no chance of that actually happening.