GOP Anxiously Awaiting Trump North Carolina Speech – But Not For The Reasons You Might Guess

Donald Trump is banned from mainstream social media, in the case of Facebook for two years. His blog had all the appeal of a Trump steak, which is to say none, and whimpered out in just 29 days. So other than the infrequent call-in to some Fox News show, the only way the twice-impeached, one-term former president has to be heard is during live speeches.

Trump is scheduled to deliver an address Saturday night to the North Carolina Republican Party and many within the GOP are concerned that the golf-loving retiree’s remarks will be nothing more than a rehash of the old 2020 stolen election material that’s become his signature since last November.

In fact, a number of Republicans told CNN that even though Trump remains a dominant force in the party they’re concerned that his constant harping on the last election will discourage the GOP base from showing up at the polls in next year’s midterm elections. “I don’t think it’s wise to let him spend the next 17 months talking about how our elections are rigged ahead of a midterm election where turnout is going to determine how Republicans perform,” said one so-called Trump-whisperer. “We all saw what happened in Georgia.”

A number of former Trump advisers and allies have been trying to convince him to focus on promoting GOP policy priorities, rather than re-litigating his failed reelection bid. But those same people also say that Trump is bored with the issues they want him to focus on and is increasingly obsessed with that election loss.

One of those trying to shape Trump’s North Carolina speech and his messaging going forward is Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.). He is said to be realistic about Trump’s fixation on 2020 and recognizes that “it’s a fool’s errand to get him to steer totally clear of that topic” and is encouraging Trump to deliver a speech Saturday night that is “two-thirds forward-looking, one-third grievance.”

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