‘Good Luck Eating Out’: Ted Cruz Accuses Food Service Workers Of Grifting

Sen. Ted Cruz started a firestorm on Sunday while appearing on CBS’s, Face the Nation where he accused food service workers of being grifters for receiving government money, instead of, risking their lives to work during the pandemic. Cruz said, “I’ve spoken to small business owners all over the state of Texas who are trying to reopen, and they are calling their waiters and waitresses, they are calling their bus boys and they won’t come back.”

Cruz added, “And of course they won’t come back because the federal government is paying them in some instances twice as much money to stay home.” Restaurant workers and their loved ones did not take the criticism lying down and blasted Cruz on Twitter. Some workers told Cruz to fight for better wages instead of criticizing them while others said that Cruz should rethink going out to eat.

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