Golf Star Responds After Rudy Giuliani Boasts About Peeking Up Her Skirt

Rudy Giuliani bizarrely worked a boast about peeking up a golfer’s skirt into a Rush Limbaugh tribute on Steve Bannon’s podcast — so now golfer Michelle Wie is responding to let the former attorney to the former president know that he’s not only disgusting, but also wrong.

Michelle Wie disturbed by Rudy Giuliani
[Photo by David Cannon/Getty Images]

Below, you can hear Giuliani telling what he apparently thinks is a thrilling tale, in which Rush Limbaugh (who he mistakenly calls “Roger” in the middle of this tribute) and the former mayor are on a golf course, and Limbaugh is annoyed at the presence of press. Giuliani explains to Limbaugh that the cameras aren’t for their famous faces, but for Michelle Wie, and that he believes they’re focusing less on her golfing than her figure.

Giuliani actually describes leading Limbaugh to the green where Wie is putting and directing him to look up her skirt. “She bends all the way over and her [long pause] panties show,” he says, grinning and appearing to lick his lips before going on.

Even Steve Bannon looks disgusted, as the Daily Dot points out, and then hustles Giuliani off the show. It’s not the first time Bannon has appeared to regret allowing Giuliani on his War Room show — last month, he spoke over Giuliani to stop him from making potentially slanderous claims that he couldn’t back up.

Now Wie has responded to the story in a tweet, saying that it’s “unsettling” to hear that Giuliani has spun her participation in a charity event to be about an upskirt thrill, that the focus that day in particular should be that she shot a 64, besting every male golfer there.

She applies this more broadly, too, reminding Giuliani (if he listens) that the focus on female athletes should be on their prowess, not their clothing or bodies. She says that the stance she used improved her putting, and that she won the US Open that year.

And by the way — Wie would like to be sure Giuliani and anyone else drooling on the green while trying to get a salacious peek is aware that golf skirts have built-in shorts under them, so the focus of his creepy memory was actually more his own imagination than anything else.

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