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Glenn Kirschner: If DOJ Won’t Act on Trump, People Should Conduct a Citizens Arrest

Glenn Kirschner: If DOJ Won’t Act on Trump, People Should Conduct a Citizens Arrest

For the four years he was in office, Donald Trump delighted in being immune from prosecution. But now that he’s out of office, the former president is facing cases in both New York and Georgia.

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Trump, however, is not yet subject to a federal case. And Glenn Kirschner, a former Federal Prosecutor, says people should take matters into their own hands if the Department of Justice refuses to act.

Kirschner made the comments during a recent appearance on the Dean Obeidallah Show. When asked about a recent letter about Trump sent by NJ congressman Bill Pascrell, the former prosecutor responded, “I’m glad he’s speaking the sorta of objective truth. When somebody commits crimes they need to be held accountable, they need to be arrested, indicted and tried by a jury of their peers. It seems like so many of our politicians are just sort of content to dither our democracy away.”

The legal pundit continued:

“i don’t understand it and you know I want to go back to and it’s a related point when you sort of jokingly at first suggested a citizen’s arrest. Here’s the thing: Somebody needs to answer the question for us what happens when our Department of Justice, when our law enforcement authorities, decide they will not enforce the criminal laws of the United states?! Because that is thus far what it looks like they’re deciding. What are we left to do? I mean a citizen’s arrest doesn’t sound as, you know, out of bounds or comical as it might otherwise sound when you when you’re talking about a former president. What are we left to do?”

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Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of SIRIUS/XM:


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