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Glenn Beck Says Prophetic Dream Proves “Satan Himself” Is Trump’s Election Opponent

Glenn Beck Says Prophetic Dream Proves “Satan Himself” Is Trump’s Election Opponent

Glenn Beck worries satan will win the election

Glenn Beck is citing a dream that he thinks may have been a prophetic vision to claim that “Satan himself” is a participant in the 2020 presidential election. Beck says that he had the dream twice, and was told by an unnamed spiritual leader not to ignore it.

Glenn Beck worries satan will win the election
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Beck appeared on the America Stands: Flashpoint program on Kenneth Copeland’s Victory Channel, reports Right Wing Watch. Glenn Back was introduced as a friend of Kenneth Copeland who wanted to share a dream he’d had.

However, Beck never actually describes the dream. He says it was so scary that he didn’t talk to his wife about it for months, and that he had it twice. After the second time, he says, a religious leader who he doesn’t identify by name — “somebody like Kenneth Copeland who I really really respect” — told him not to dismiss the dream.

It’s not entirely clear how long ago the dream was, but Glenn Beck says he didn’t think too much about it again until spring of 2020, when “all of a sudden it took on completely new meaning.”

Beck’s full appearance on the show can be seen below, beginning around the 33-minute mark (the clip below should automatically start there) and lasting about two minutes.


He says that the dream shows “that we are in a spiritual battle against evil unleashed. We are not fighting the democrats, we are fighting Satan himself.”

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Beck also apparently believes that Twitter is in on the conspiracy — he complained this week that he struggled to retweet a FiveThirtyEight article about Trump’s high levels of support among white evangelical Christians.

Notably, though Beck suggests that Twitter doesn’t want the article shared because it’s pro-Trump, it actually goes on to point out that Trump appears to be losing support among other Christians, including Catholics, who he “won handily” in 2016.

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