Glenn Beck Predicts “Color Revolution,” Says COVID-19 Lockdowns Are Democrats’ Prep For A Coup

Glenn Beck, who has promoted right-wing conspiracy theories for years, said this week that lockdowns for COVID-19 are not intended to minimize the spread of a pandemic that has already killed 200k in the U.S. alone, but instead, a plot by Democrats to further efforts for a regime change, or ‘color revolution.’

Glenn Beck predicts color revolution
[Screenshot via Blaze TV/YouTube]

Opening his show by setting himself up as the victim of hypothetical potential ‘censorship’ before he even began spreading his conspiracy theories, Beck declared, “Tonight’s show is so important that we’re putting it up on YouTube. I dare them, I want you to censor it, tell me where we’re wrong.” (Then he offered a discount price on subscriptions to those who use that faux victimhood as a promo code.)

As reported by Right Wing Watch, Beck claimed that the U.S. is in it’s ‘final stage,’ and that Democrats are plotting to overthrow the legitimate government. As evidence he cited reports that a count of absentee ballots, cast more heavily by voters for Democratic candidates, could shift the election, resulting in a November 3rd illusion of a Donald Trump win, followed by an actual win for Joe Biden when all ballots are counted.

He claimed that masks, gathering size limits, school shutdowns, and other public health efforts are all intended to make people compliant, suggesting that the Tea Party activists are the great resistance that refuses to be controlled, and that the compliance of others will be the downfall of America as we know it.

Look at all of this. The left controls every single step to pull off a successful revolution but…you have to have a compliant people, not a people that will stand up not, people who will be the tea party and go out…

Beck also gets out ahead of the certainty that his conspiracy theories will be labeled as such, declaring that ‘the left’ is labeling everything as a conspiracy theory. “It’s really quite brilliant,” he declares. “It’s insane, but brilliant.”

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