Glenn Beck Calls For Overthrow Of Government After ‘Stolen’ Election

As votes were counted on election night, Glenn Beck spoke about his views regarding the results. He says that voters who believe the election was ‘stolen’ — as the president is falsely claiming — have not only the right, but the duty, to overthrow the government.

Glenn Beck calls for government overthrow
[Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images]

Donald Trump spoke in the early hours of November 4th to claim that he had already won the election and to suggest there was something shady about vote counts that said otherwise. During his election coverage, Glenn Beck encouraged people who believe this false narrative to overthrow the government.

“If you truly believe that this was stolen, which I’m not saying it is at this point, but if you really truly believe in the end that it was stolen, and they are going to steal it and destroy our Constitution and fundamentally transform us into something that we are not, I keep hearing the words of the Declaration [of Independence]: it is the right, it is their duty to overthrow that government…and reinstitute something that protects those rights.”

On Wednesday morning, Donald Trump continued to mislead voters, falsely suggesting that ballots being counted were “surprise drops,” and hinting that these were somehow fake or fraudulent.

He had already spent months laying the groundwork to claim that the election was ‘stolen’ from him, including suggesting, falsely and without evidence, that in at least one state, Nevada, the governor would watch the vote count and fill out extra ballots fraudulently to fake a Biden win.

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