Gizmodo: Trump’s Social Media Pictures Are Often Manipulated to Make His Body Thinner and Fingers Longer

Airbrushing and retouching photos to make the subject look more attractive is common in the fashion industry. Magazines like Vogue have been accused of photoshopping pictures to make models look thinner.

Gage Skidmore

According to a new report from Gizmodo, Donald Trump is using some of the same editing methods on his social media pictures. The website found that the president has shared manipulated photos of himself on at least 3 occasions.

Gizmodo alleges that Trump’s photos are altered in a number of different ways. While most photos made Trump look thinner, they were also editing to make his fingers look longer and for his suits to fit better.

The website posits that Trump may use a tool called Facetune. Gizmodo says, “Facetune is wildly popular with Instagram celebrities and is used to make enhancements to photos. The app can smooth out skin, make someone thinner, or even make people appear more muscular.”

The most recent incident was a photo that was apparently altered over the past weekend. In a photo shared to Facebook and Instagram, “Trump’s right shoulder has been slimmed down and his face is looking thinner. He’s also gotten a haircut — well, a digital one anyway — and in one of the strangest alterations, Trump’s fingers have been made slightly longer.”

The senior Trump is not the only family member to apparently take advantage of retouching apps. In August of this year, Donald Jr. and girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle shared a heavily retouched photo on Guilfoyle’s Instagram page. The photo had been edited to remove all wrinkles and whiten Trump Jr.’s teeth. The photo went viral and the couple was summarily mocked on social media.

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