Giuliani Wants the Department of Justice Investigated For Their Decision to Investigate Him

Rudy Giuliani, whose home was recently raided by the FBI, went on Tucker Carlson last night to call for an investigation into the Department of Justice.

(Photo By Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images)

For years now, Rudy Giuliani has made questionable decisions that put him in legal jeopardy. The bill finally came due this week when the FBI raided his home seeking evidence.

The former mayor of New York City appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show last night to whine about his treatment. The host asked:

“Is there anybody who, if the Justice Department was out for you, and they’ve got every text you’ve ever sent, and every email, that they couldn’t find something to charge you with? Do you think this is gonna remain a FARA investigation, or could it get much bigger quickly?”

Giuliani responded, “Well, I think it should get much bigger. I think they should be investigated for blatantly violating my constitutional rights, the President’s constitutional rights.”

The friend of Donald Trump continued, “So the prosecutors, the Justice Department, spied on me, and that is — if that is not taken seriously, if that doesn’t result in their being sanctioned, the case being dismissed, and it stopping, this is no longer a free — we might as well be in, you know, East Berlin before the wall fell. This is — this is tactics only known in a dictatorship, where you — you seize a lawyer’s records right in the middle of his representation of his client. They — I mean — you — you should be prosecuted and disbarred for that. You shouldn’t be prosecuting somebody else.”

While he may be throwing out wild accusations, Giuliani knows he’s in serious trouble. And unfortunately for the former mayor, there is no William Barr to protect him this time around.

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