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Giuliani: Trump Tower Meeting a Setup, Hints Hillary Clinton May Have Been Involved.

Giuliani: Trump Tower Meeting a Setup, Hints Hillary Clinton May Have Been Involved.

Since the release of the Mueller Report, Trump lawyer and surrogate, Rudy Giuliani, has been all over the airwaves. While the former NYC mayor claims Trump is exonerated, he has some interesting explanations for some of the report’s issues.

During an appearance with Fox News’ Bret Bair and Chris Wallace, Giuliani made an interesting claim about the Trump Tower meeting. According to the lawyer, the meeting was a setup that may have involved Hillary Clinton.

Giuliani explained:

 “That meeting was a set-up. I mean, the day before the meeting the Russian woman, Natalia [Veselnitskaya], met with the person who ran Fusion GPS. Boy, that’s a coincidence, right? And this guy testified under oath they never talked about the meeting they were going to have the next day. And then she met with him the day of the meeting and then she met with him the day after the meeting. They set up the meeting on the pretext that it’s going to be about dirt on Hillary. Nobody has any dirt on Hillary. They don’t talk about dirt on Hillary. They talk about the Magnitsky Act and Russian adoptions. And then they walk out and they never really seriously call back and follow up on it. And several of them are counter-intelligence operatives. That was a pure set-up, that meeting.”

The lawyer then claimed the meeting was used as reason to surveil Trump. He told the hosts:

“So, to say that they were spying on him, you know, you could say it a couple of ways: unauthorized or illegal electronic surveillance, or surveillance that could be declared to be illegal because there were false statements, about four or five of them, in the affidavit. So I don’t know where it started.”

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Despite Chris Wallace’s history as a tough and fair interviewer, Giuliani’s claims went largely unchallenged.

You can watch a video of the segment below:

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