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Giuliani Says Trump’s ‘Concession’ Was ‘Sarcastic;’ Spouts Provable False Conspiracies

Giuliani Says Trump’s ‘Concession’ Was ‘Sarcastic;’ Spouts Provable False Conspiracies

Rudy Giuliani, acting on Donald Trump’s behalf, is again appearing on television to say things that do not help the president’s case. He said that when Trump tweeted that Joe Biden won the election, he was just being “sarcastic” and reshared claims that have already been laughed out of court.

[Screenshot via Rudy Giuliani/Fox News]

Appearing on Fox News, Giuliani responded to the initial question of whether Donald Trump had conceded the election by assuring Maria Bartiromo that the president was just being sarcastic. He went on to rehash claims that have already been thrown out of court.

Giuliani claims that he can prove, via witnesses, that in Detroit, Michigan, a shipment of new ballots was brought in, all marked for Joe Biden with no down-ballot choices. This fits with the Trump team’s previous attempts to explain away the fact that Democrats didn’t decisively take the Senate — something that surely would have been high on a priority list, too, if cheating was in the plans. However, there are a couple of problems with this claim.

Election results for Wayne County (where Detroit is) can be seen here. The first thing listed is the number of voters who chose to vote “straight ticket” — fill out a single bubble that would choose all candidates of that party. In other words, Rudy’s imaginary cheaters would have been able to fake a straight Democratic ticket as easily as they could fake a single Biden vote. This in itself should debunk his claim that some unnamed conspirators, seeing that the count was going the wrong way, hurriedly filled out only the single bubble one hundred thousand ballots and rushed them over.

If it doesn’t, the rest of Wayne County’s results should help. Check out the screenshot below.

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[Screenshot via Wayne County Elections]

This is the second page of the unofficial results for Wayne County. The first page contains the straight-ticket counts mentioned above, and further pages go into local races. The page you see has the Wayne County results for two races that every voter in that county had access to — President and state senator. Excluding the straight-ticket votes, the total votes cast in Wayne County for president, as you can see, are 863,416. The total votes cast for a state senator are 853,404.

There are always some voters who don’t cast a vote for every race. In this case, about 10k who voted in the presidential race appear to have not voted for a senator.

If there were 100k ballots brought in at 4am cast only for president and not any other races, there would have to be at least 100k votes more for president than senator — not a mere 10k.

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