Giuliani Says Donald Trump Is “Looking Carefully” At Pardons For His Family

In a phone call on Glenn Beck’s show, Rudy Giuliani responded to a list of suggestions, including that Donald Trump should pardon his family. Giuliani said that he couldn’t talk about those matters, but also said that Trump is “looking at this very carefully.”

Trump 'looking carefully' at pardons
[Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]

Glenn Beck was closing a call with Rudy Giuliani, who is now serving as attorney to President Donald Trump, when he suggested they quickly discuss the possibility of pardons. “Please tell the president he should pardon his family,” Beck said, adding that he recognized it wouldn’t protect the Trumps from charges at the state level. He also suggested that Trump should issue a pardon to rapper Lil’ Wayne, who has publicly supported Trump.

“I’m sure he’s looking at this very very carefully,” Giuliani responded, “but that’s something I can’t talk about.”

Giuliani, of course, as Trump’s personal attorney, would likely be very aware of whether the president has considered giving his family members pre-emptive Federal pardons, as has been widely rumored, and would not have to guess.

In fact, Forbes reports that Giuliani himself is on the list of people Trump has discussed blessing with a presidential pardon before he leaves office. Trump has reportedly claimed to have concerns that when President-Elect Joe Biden takes office, he will attempt to have Ivanka, Don Jr., and Eric Trump all charged with crimes as ‘retribution,’ though Biden has stated that he will stay out of any criminal investigations that the Justice Department decides to pursue with regard to Trump.

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