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Giuliani Reportedly Seeking $20,000 a Day for Trump Election Legal Challenges

Giuliani Reportedly Seeking $20,000 a Day for Trump Election Legal Challenges

Rudy Giuliani, who Donald Trump last week put in charge of his legal team as it challenges election results in several states, reportedly is looking to be paid $20,000 a day for his efforts.

Multiple sources told The New York Times that Giuliani’s payment request was opposed by several people in Trump’s campaign. Giuliani denies the report.

“I never asked for $20,000,” Giuliani told The Times. He added that the president volunteered to make sure he was paid after the cases concluded. “The arrangement is, we’ll work it out at the end.”

On Tuesday Giuliani filed paperwork to be admitted to practice in U.S. District Court in Pennsylvania so he can argue Trump’s case there. In his filing he indicated that he currently is admitted to practice in Washington, D.C., but apparently he is suspended from the DC Bar for non-payment of dues.

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At $20,000 a day, Giuliani – who hasn’t argued a case in court in years – would be one of the most highly compensated attorneys anywhere on the planet. For context, the most able and effective lawyers in either the New York or Washington, D.C. markets might command $15,000 a day if they were spending all of their time working for a client.

According to the report, Giuliani is looking to be compensated for work he has done on Trump’s behalf since the day after the election. The former New York mayor certainly has been prominent on the Fox networks. He also staged a news conference in the parking lot of a Philadelphia landscaping company to make unsubstantiated allegations of ballot counting irregularities in that city.

None of Trump’s challenges to election results has been successful and few legal observers see much upside going forward. Allies of Trump say Giuliani only is encouraging the president to continue a spurious legal fight because he sees it as a potential financial windfall for himself.

Trump’s campaign operation continues to send out fund raising pleas. It has set up a legal-defense fund and is said to be raising significant sums to continue legal challenges in places like Pennsylvania and Georgia. The fine print on the solicitations, however, says that only contributions over $8,000 will go into the legal defense fund. Lesser amounts will be directed to Trump’s political action committee and the Republican National Committee to pay down campaign debt.

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