Giuliani Literally & Comically Ran From Dominion Process Servers

Even though he had acknowledged it had been filed and had publicly declared he would defend himself against the $1.3 billion defamation lawsuit filed against him by Dominion Voting Systems, Rudy Giuliani spent a full week comically trying to dodge the process servers who attempted to formally present him with the 107-page lawsuit.

Why the former federal prosecutor felt the need to play games to avoid having the papers physically handed to him is mystifying. First of all, he repeatedly ignored requests from Dominion’s attorneys to simply accept service of the lawsuit via email, which is how the vast majority of legal papers are served in the 21st century. Then, when Dominion was forced to attempt service the old fashioned, in-person way, Giuliani went to great lengths to avoid the process servers.

(Photo By Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images)

For more than a week Donald Trump’s sometimes personal lawyer dodged numerous attempts at service both at his home and office in New York. The New York Daily News reports that a source said the doorman to Giuliani’s building would lock the door whenever the former mayor entered the building.

The Daily News writes: “On Feb. 7, a pair of process servers and Giuliani got into an awkward standoff during a nasty winter storm. That morning, the doorman to the building waved to a Ford Explorer SUV parked down the street. Giuliani got in the passenger seat and closed the SUV door as a process server lunged forward with a bag full of documents.

“The doorman got involved, jabbing his umbrella into the SUV door. The driver and doorman pulled the bag of legal documents, allowing Giuliani to close the SUV door. The process server left the bag in front of Giuliani‚Äôs building, which the doorman had locked yet again.

“These documents now belong to Giuliani,” the process server declared. “Building staff apparently didn’t agree. The process server saw a maintenance worker throw the bag of legal documents in a trash can on the street. They retrieved the legal documents and continued pursuing Giuliani.”

Over the course of the next two days the process server was unable to intercept Giuliani at his office or apartment building home. His staff ignored multiple messages requesting an appointment to take delivery of the physical papers. Giuliani’s driver even ran a red light at one point while dodging a process server. Eventually, on Feb. 10, Giuliani’s assistant ended the farcical charade and accepted service on his behalf.

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