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Giuliani Expects Mueller to Issue Report by Sept 1 – Counter Report in the Works

Giuliani Expects Mueller to Issue Report by Sept 1 – Counter Report in the Works

For nearly a year now, political pundits, Trump lawyers, and Americans from every walk of life have been trying to pinpoint how much longer Robert Mueller and the Special Counsel’s office would take before issuing a final report on possible crimes committed by the Trump campaign. While the Mueller team remains mum on all fronts, there really is no solid evidence that this probe will be ending anytime soon.

Today, however, USAToday published an interview with the President’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, and yet again the speculation about a Mueller report date has boiled to the surface.

Giuliani told USAToday that he expects a final report to be issued by Mueller and his team prior to September 1, and added, that in his opinion, Mueller is “writing the report as we speak.” A September 1st date would mean that any such report would come two months prior to the general election, which would prevent the report from swaying campaigns in their final days.

“I don’t think Mueller wants to be seen as interfering with the election,” Giuliani said.

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Giuliani also told USAToday that the Trump legal team is in the process of putting together a ‘counter-report’ in order to publicly respond to any allegations that the Mueller team makes regarding the probe. This would indicate that Trump’s legal team expects either the President, or those close to him, to potentially be implicated in such a report.

Is this yet another completely unverified guess by the Trump legal team, or does Giuliani know something that the rest of us don’t?  Stay tuned.

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