Giuliani Concerned his Gravestone Will Read: ‘He Lied for Trump’

Speaking to the Times and NBC journalists on Sunday, President Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani admitted that Trump had been involved in a deal to build a Trump Tower in Moscow, “up to as far as October, November” or even up until the presidential election.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

The admission directly contradicts public comments both Trump and Giuliani have previously made on the sequence of events.

The New Yorker reported that in the same conversation, Giuliani suggested that the president may have conversed with his former lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen before he testified to Congress on the deal. He also suggested that Trump had revealed this information to special counsel Robert Mueller in his written answers to Mueller’s questions.

Giuliani said, “there was no question that he [the president] was asked by the special counsel a question that said, ‘Did you talk to him [Michael Cohen] before he testified?’”

Almost as soon as Giuliani made the statements, he tried to walk them back. In an interview with the New Yorker on Monday afternoon, he called his previous conversations, “hypothetical and not based on conversations I had with the President.”

Talking about Trump’s Trump Tower Moscow deal during the 2016 campaign, Giuliani said, “their investigation is so ridiculous that, even if he did do it, it wouldn’t be a crime.”

But in his attempt to walk the comments back, Giuliani appears to have inadvertently revealed more information.

Giuliani attempted to discredit a disputed Buzzfeed story that claims the president personally instructed Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about Trump’s business deal in Moscow. When asked how Giuliani knew this to be false, the former mayor of New York said, “there are no tapes, there are no texts, there is no corroboration that the president told him to lie.”

Just seconds later, Giuliani contradicted himself once again saying, “I can tell you from the moment I read the story, I knew the story was false,” Giuliani said, “because I have been through all the tapes, I have been through all the texts, I have been through all the emails.”

When Isaac Chotiner from the New Yorker quizzed Giuliani on what tapes he was referring to, Giuliani was forced to backtrack once more. “I shouldn’t have said tapes,” Giuliani said, adding, “well, I have listened to tapes, but none of them concern this.”

In one of the interview’s more sombre moments, Giuliani reflected on his legacy. “I’m afraid it will be on my gravestone. “Rudy Giuliani: He Lied for Trump.” Somehow, I don’t think that will be it. But if it is, so what do I care? I’ll be dead.”

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