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‘Get This Guy Out’: GOP Admits They’re Scapegoating Madison Cawthorn in Attempt to ‘Destroy’ Him

‘Get This Guy Out’: GOP Admits They’re Scapegoating Madison Cawthorn in Attempt to ‘Destroy’ Him

Once the darling of the GOP, Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) has quickly fallen from grace thanks to a series of embarrassing verbal gaffes, run-ins with the law, and incriminating pictures and explicit video clips showing Cawthorn having sex with a man who is believed to be his aide.

According to a report from the Daily Beast‘s Sam Brodey and Roger Sollenberger, Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC) has given his approval to an effort from Republicans and conservatives in North Carolina who have been openly stating they want Cawthorn gone. It’s believed those criticizing him are connected to the leaks of embarrassing photos and videos of Cawthorn that have reportedly even disgusted Donald Trump, who is now thinking about rescinding his endorsement.

While most Republicans tolerated Cawthorn’s antics, they could no longer turn a blind eye after he stated in a podcast that conservatives in Washington D.C. engage in “drug-fueled orgies” and, since that time, he has repeatedly released statements about the embarrassing incidences that seemingly keep happening to him without him doing anything to cause them. And so the leaks started coming from within the North Carolina statehouse.

The Daily Beast quotes one longtime GOP operative in the state who admitted, “It’s definitely a hit job that I’m happy to be a party to. Most of the GOP universe has come around to align against this guy. You’re seeing a full-court, state-based, establishment pushback against him. Get this guy out. Take him out. We’re gonna see if we can pull it off in eight days.”

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The piece quotes another anti-Cawthorn operative who said, “Obviously, we have a target, we’re not afraid to take him on and put out the information his opponents wouldn’t—or the Democrats wouldn’t.” he said with the Beast report adding, “That included a video last week, released with many disclaimers and caveats, showing a naked Cawthorn mounting another man in bed… seemingly as a joke, but bizarre nonetheless. Cawthorn did not deny the video was authentic, but he dismissed it as horseplay, and said his foes were trying to ‘blackmail’ him by publishing it.”

Read the full report at The Daily Beast.

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