Geraldo Rivera Attacks Sean Hannity Over Immigration Stance: ‘Are You Gonna Shoot Em?’

Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera and Sean Hannity exchanged some heated words during an argument on Monday night. The two men were talking about the “caravan” of Central American asylum-seekers marching towards the United States and it quickly turned ugly.

Hannity started the exchange by telling Rivera the immigrants shouldn’t even be allowed near America, let alone to cross the border.

Rivera told Hannity the immigrants were “desperate to improve their lot in life” before asking, “What are we going to do about them?”

“We’re not going to let ’em in, Geraldo, not this way,” Hannity shot back. “We have a sovereignty and border issue here. We have laws.”

“What are you gonna, shoot ’em, Sean?” Rivera asked. “What, are you gonna shoot ’em?”

Hannity stopped short of supporting violence but reiterated his stance that they “need to be stopped in Mexico.”

Former White House aide Sebastian Gorka then joined Hannity in his attack against Rivera. “This is really beneath you, Geraldo,” Gorka said.

The argument snowballed from there as the men engaged in a typical Fox News argument over immigration from suffering refugees.

You can see the full clip from the interview below.

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