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Geraldo Rivera Accuses Rush Limbaugh of Treason Over Calls for Secession

Geraldo Rivera Accuses Rush Limbaugh of Treason Over Calls for Secession

Geraldo Rivera and Donald Trump are friends, having traveled in the same circles for decades. And Rivera has been very supportive of Trump’s presidency. The long-time journalist often appears on Fox News to praise Trump.

Geraldo Rivera visits the Dan Abrams show at SiriusXM Studios on November 1, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Imag

Unlike many others in the Republican party, though, Rivera has been accepting of Joe Biden’s victory. Weeks ago, Geraldo urged Trump to graciously accept defeat. And Rivera also has no time for people like Rush Limbaugh who are discussing secession. During a Fox appearance on Thursday, Geraldo blasted the Conservative radio host.

Rivera made the comments while appearing on Martha MacCallum’s show. The host noted, “Even Rush Limbaugh warning that he thinks we might be headed in a dangerous direction, an actual separation of the states.”

“I think talk of secession is treason, Martha, I want to be very clear,” Geraldo responded. “Rush Limbaugh is a powerhouse broadcaster. He is one in a zillion, they come along once in a generation, but that talk is reckless, it’s irresponsible.”

The journalist continued, “I had to laugh, Rush goes on to say that people where he has have no idea what people in New York are thinking, they are so different they are like a different species. Half of New York lives in Florida where Rush Limbaugh lives, it’s preposterous.”

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A flustered MacCallum simply responded, “Well, that’s a strong charge. It’s a discussion that’s being had in a lot of places.”


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