Georgia Voting Machines Switching Votes From Democrat to Republican According to NAACP

If there was a central hub for alleged voter suppression in the United States, it would almost certainly be the state of Georgia. There have already been multiple reports of voter suppression in black communities, and it is well known that the Georgia voting system is quite outdated.

This week, however, the NAACP filed a complaint with Georgia’s State Board Of Elections after multiple voters notified them that there were defective machines in at least four counties of Georgia; Bartow, Cobb, Henry and Dodge.

According to TheRoot, voters have reportedly had their votes for Democrat Stacey Abrams switched to Republican Brian Kemp in the state’s gubernatorial race. Kemp is currently Georgia’s Secretary of State, making him their chief election officer.

“We’ve seen issues across the state of Georgia, and not just the Atlanta Metroplex,” the NAACP’s assistant general counsel, Khyla D. Craine, told The Root. “We’ve seen this in central Georgia and have seen issues in southeastern Georgia, near Savannah.”

In addition to vote changing, other voters have reported that their ballot cards have been rejected once inserted into the machines.

“It’s not something that’s new, unfortunately,” Craine told The Root. “These machines are old but it’s incumbent upon the people running the election to ensure that machines are fully functional.”

Georgia is currently using 17-year-old voting machines with outdated software, and are just one of five states in the nation to not keep a paper trail of votes.

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