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Georgia Secretary Of State Tells Feds To Keep Their Hands Out Of State’s Election Process

Georgia Secretary Of State Tells Feds To Keep Their Hands Out Of State’s Election Process

Brad Raffensperger, Secretary of State in Georgia, and a Republican, is responding to a litany of false claims Donald Trump has been making about the 2020 Presidential election. One thing he’s very clear about: there will be no Federal takeover allowed of the election process in Georgia.

[Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons]

Reffensperger has turned to social media to address the public and refute a number of conspiracy theories and lies, some of which have been pushed by the current president himself. He says that absentee ballots are safer than ever, and that photo ID has even been required for some of them. He’s also explained that signature matching is more secure now, with increased training for poll workers and signatures matched before ballots are cast.

He’s also directly responded to Donald Trump’s lies about Dominion voting machines.

**Dominion voting system**
🇺🇸🗳American owned. America. ‘Merica 🇺🇸🗳
Not Venezuela. #America.

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In between responding to specific false claims, Raffensperger addressed the overarching point: elections are run by each state, according to their own rules, and he says Georgia will not submit to any kind of federal takeover of their election process, which he affirms is safe and secure.

For the first time in Georgia history, we launched an electronic portal that REQUIRED photo ID to request an absentee ballot. Lastly, we worked with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to train elections workers on signature match. These highly trained officials conduct signature match *twice* during the absentee ballot process, securing votes in Georgia and helping make sure that each person gets one vote.

Donald Trump continues to contest the election outcome, though his cases have been thrown out of court for lack of evidence and his lawyers have even told judges in several cases that they are not alleging any fraud.

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