Georgia Restaurant Owner Ends Up Owning Governor Kemp, Reveals Truth Behind Reopening

Depending on your age and taste for politics and current events, you may recall former MSNBC host Keith Olbermann doing a segment dubbed “The Worst Person In The World.” It was quite popular and really needs to make a comeback in a day where so many with an R next to their name would fill that list faster than a PPE mask factory.  As of now, Georgia Republican Governor Brian Kemp leads that list after recklessly reopening his state early amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

But one Georgia restaurant owner is not taking it lightly and recently put out a post that perfectly sums up the truth behind Governor Kemp’s premature (and dangerous) reopening plans:

Image via FB

Indeed, the majority of us realized this when Governor Kemp announced Georgia’s reopening. Moreover, it was absolutely never about helping the unemployed or small businesses, devastated by the mandatory stay-in-shelter orders. Rather, it appeared to be more about the state not paying or helping those who are in crisis. Making matters worse, bigs businesses and large restaurant chains all managed to exploit the PPP COVID-19 lending program and gobbled up most of the money before it could even reach small businesses such as the above-mentioned Georgia restaurant owner.

As of now, more than 50 Georgia eateries have banded together and stated they will remain closed, realizing that they will have next to no businesses anyway and thus want to avoid a disastrous scenario described by that one irate Georgia restaurant owner.


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