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Georgia Gubernatorial Candidate Announces Plan To Fight “Luciferian Regime” & Their “Satanic” Plot

Georgia Gubernatorial Candidate Announces Plan To Fight “Luciferian Regime” & Their “Satanic” Plot

Kandiss Taylor is running to be the Governor of Georgia, and she had a plan. Actually, she has quite a few of them, but the one she’s preparing to unveil on Monday, she assures us, will defend the nation against those serving Lucifer. (Do not adjust your calendar, it’s not the 80’s — this is not the Satanic Panic you remember, but the revival.)

[Screenshot via Kandiss Taylor/YouTube]

Currently, the plan, which she calls Executive Order #10, is in teaser phase — she’s tweeted about it and has a page of her campaign site devoted to it, but there’s currently no information on the page, just some text, promising more news on Monday, and an invitation to donate.

However, Executive Order #10 is not (as you might guess by the number) the first of the plans she’s pre-promised if she becomes Governor, and the prior ones offer some hints as to what she’s got in mind. You can read all nine at TREMG, but their components include:

  • Yet another investigation into the 2020 election that Donald Trump insists he won;
  • Outlawing Pride items in schools & eliminating comprehensive sex education;
  • Requiring attire in public schools to “reflect biological gender;
  • Forbidding ‘furry’ clothing items in school;
  • Requiring public schools to teach the Bible as the basis for US government;
  • Addressing “anti-white racism” in schools.

Ultimately, it’s a list reflecting a lot of qanon conspiracy theories and pushing one version of conservative Christianity through government power, with a hefty dose of general bigotry.

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Executive Order #10?

Well, while Taylor is holding out on telling us exactly how she plans to use her putative role as Governor of Georgia to battle the wiles of Lucifer, she did discuss it on a recent episode of the Stew Peters Show podcast, where other topics brought up in her plan included attacks on immigration, a promise that her investigation into the 2020 election will lead to arrests, and a declaration about property in the state that is owned by those outside the country:

“We’re gon’ take Georgia back from these globalist elitists. All the land from these other countries that have bought land [in Georgia], especially China. Georgia land, over a million acres, we have land just everywhere being taken up!”

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