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Georgia’s GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Brian Kemp Doxxed 290,000 Voters — Then Declared Victory

Georgia’s GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Brian Kemp Doxxed 290,000 Voters — Then Declared Victory

David Perdue and Brian Kemp

Georgia secretary of state and candidate for state governor Brian Kemp posted the personal details of 291,164 absentee voters online for anyone to download. Then, an hour later, he declared victory over his Democrat rival Stacey Abrams.

Within hours of the results of the general election, Kemp’s office posted an Excel file on its website that exposed the names and addresses of Georgia voters who used absentee ballots — including their reason why, such as if a person is “elderly” or “disabled,” according to a TechCrunch report.

David Perdue and Brian Kemp
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Candice Broce, Kemp’s press secretary, said all of the data “is clearly designated as public information under state law,” and denied that the data was “confidential or sensitive,” in response to a TechCrunch inquiry.

“State law requires the public availability of voter lists, including names and address of registered voters,” she said.

The link to the downloadable file was removed from Georgia’s Secretary of State website shortly after TechCrunch’s inquiry.

One security expert took issue with Kemp’s office for making the absentee ballot information publicly available.

“While the data may already be public, it is not publicly available in aggregate like this,” said Georgia resident Jake Williams, founder of Rendition Infosec. Williams said the information “could be used by criminals to target currently unoccupied properties.”

“Releasing this data in aggregate could be seen as suppressing future absentee voters in Georgia who do not want their information released in this manner,” he said.

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People on Twitter quickly noticed and expressed disbelief and anger.

“Kemp just doxxed every absentee ballot voter in Georgia,” journalist Crabapple tweeted. “He posted an excel file on a government site with their names, addresses, registration [numbers] and whether they are elderly or disabled.”

And Twitter user @hooper_x said, “Brian Kemp is so good at his job as GA’s secretary of state that he just posted the full names and addresses of everyone who filed an absentee ballot. I don’t even know who to tag in this.”

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