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Georgia GOP Candidate Thinks A Livable Wage Is Crazy Talk

Georgia GOP Candidate Thinks A Livable Wage Is Crazy Talk

Karen Handel, the Republican candidate for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District says she will “not support a livable wage.”

During a televised debate with Democrat Jon Ossoff, both candidates were asked if they believed in a minimum wage increase.

Ossoff was quick to state that “the minimum wage should be a living wage.”

“Look, if somebody’s working a 40-hour workweek, they deserve the kind of standard of living that Americans expect,” Ossoff said. “That’s part of the American dream, and there are too many folks having trouble making ends meet.”

Handel then said that was “an example of the fundamental difference between a liberal and a conservative.”

“I do not support a livable wage,” she said. “What I support is making sure we have an economy that is robust with low taxes and less regulation so that those small businesses that would be dramatically hurt if you imposed higher minimum wages on them are able to do what they do best: grow jobs and create good-paying jobs for the people of the 6th District.”

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While Georgia mandates a $5.15 per hour minimum wage, the federal minimum is $7.25 which applies in most cases. The MIT Living Wage Calculator says the minimum livable wage for a single adult in the three counties that make up Georgia’s 6th District is $12.01 per hour.

Ossoff and Handel will face off in a June 20 special runoff election.

Here is the question and each politicians answer.

Do you support a minimum livable wage? RedStateDisaster does!

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