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Georgia GOP Candidate Is Telling Voters Not To Cast Their Ballots Quite Yet

Georgia GOP Candidate Is Telling Voters Not To Cast Their Ballots Quite Yet

Early voting opened Monday for Georgia’s primary elections. One particularly conspiracy-obsessed candidate is telling voters to hold back and not cast their ballots quite yet.

[Screenshot via Kandiss Taylor/YouTube]

Donald Trump has demonized early voting and mailed ballots, and a portion of his party has echoed his attacks. Slate reported last year on the opposition to early voting, concluding that the Republican Party has significant opposition to the option even when it’s done in-person — but early voting is the time period when some demographics who have a tendency to lean towards Democratic candidates most often cast their votes, and polling places are often reduced in certain areas to such an extent that people are forced to stand in line well past sunset on election day to cast a ballot.

Of course, in a Republican primary, narrowing the voter base may not be a consideration — but convincing officials that early access to polls is unnecessary might be.

Here’s Kandiss Taylor — gubernatorial candidate, promiser of public school courses that teach the Bible as a basis for U.S. History and of the razing of the Georgia Guidestones — telling her voters not to cast a ballot early, but to wait until election day.

Of course, a low turnout for early voting could be used as evidence that fewer days of early access are needed in general elections, which could benefit Republicans, but remember that in 2020, Republicans’ refusal to cast an early or mailed ballot has been cited as one of the many contributing factors in Trump’s loss.

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