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Georgia Democrats are Hoping That Obama Helps Campaign During Senate Runoff

Georgia Democrats are Hoping That Obama Helps Campaign During Senate Runoff

Democrats did not have the kind of 2020 election season they were hoping for. Sure they captured the White House and that was the most important goal. But they ended up losing seats in the House when projections pointed to them gaining. And they were not able to flip senate seats in South Carolina, North Carolina or Maine.

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But still, the Democrats have a chance at taking full control of the government if they can win two Georgia senate seats during a January 5th runoff. Barack Obama was an important weapon for Joe Biden during his presidential campaign. Georgia democrats are now hoping he can do the same for them in the coming weeks.

Cliff Albright is the founder of a Georgia voting rights group called Black Votes Matter. He’s hoping for appearances from either Obama. “More important to us is whether Barack or Michelle comes,” he told Politico. “We don’t necessarily need Joe to come; he needs to get that White House in order.”

An adviser to one of the Democratic runoff candidates, Jon Ossoff, agreed. “The best thing Biden can do is run a good transition,” the adviser said. “Don’t get into a fight with [Senate Majority Leader Mitch] McConnell. Lead by example. Restore faith in the presidency. The worst thing to happen is if it gets partisan in D.C. again.”

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And Ossoff himself said that the best thing candidates could do is win for Biden. “We need President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris to be able to lead, to be able to govern,” he said. “[We] have all the momentum, we have all the energy.”


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