Georgia Congressional Candidate Brandishes Weapon, Warns Antifa To Stay Out Of Her State

Marjorie Greene is campaigning to represent Georgia’s 14th district in the U.S. House. She says she stands with Donald Trump 100% “against the left-wing socialists who want to wreck our country.” Now that Trump says Antifa will be designated as a terrorist organization, she’s standing against them too. In a brief campaign ad, Green holds up a rifle and says, “I have a message for Antifa terrorists. Stay the hell out of northwest Georgia.”

Marjorie Green threatens antifa for Trump
[Screenshot via Marjorie Greene/YouTube]

Last weekend, Trump insisted that Antifa, not white supremacist groups, was solely responsible for protests being turned into riots. He tweeted to claim that Antifa would be officially be declared a terrorist organization. There has been no official action on this, and according to the NY Times, he may not have the legal authority to do so.

However, in her ad, Marjorie Greene speaks as though Trump’s tweet makes the designation official and complete. “President Trump declared Antifa a domestic terrorist organization. I have a message for Antifa terrorists. Stay the hell out of northwest Georgia. You won’t burn our churches, loot our businesses, or destroy our towns.”

According to her campaign site, Greene is endorsed by at least two gun rights organizations and Law Enforcement Today. She promises to defend the second amendment by eliminating gun-free zones and red flag laws. In another tweet, she suggested that all “Antifa terrorists” should be arrested without bail and that Joe Biden should be investigated for supporting bail funds for protestors.


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