Georgia Accused of Repeatedly Releasing Misleading COVID Stats

The state of Georgia has steadily had eyes on it since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. Governor Brian Kemp opted to open up non-essential businesses before meeting CDC guidelines. This drew criticism from many places, including the White House.

Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

According to the state, the opening has been successful and cases are going down. A spokesperson for the Governor’s office had to apologize, however, as there was a misleading graph sent out. The cases are actually flat rather than in a decline.

Candice Broce, from Brian Kemp’s office, tweeted earlier this week about the graph, “The x axis was set up that way to show descending values to more easily demonstrate peak values and counties on those dates. Our mission failed. We apologize. It is fixed.”

Democratic lawmakers in the state aren’t buying the administration’s explanations. State Rep. Scott Holcomb told the Atlanta Journal Constitution, “It’s just cuckoo. I don’t know how anyone can defend this graph as not being misleading. I really don’t.”

Jasmine Clark, a Representative from Lilburn, concurred with Holcomb. “I have a hard time understanding how this happens without it being deliberate,” she said. “Literally nowhere ever in any type of statistics would that be acceptable.”

Broce continued to defend herself and the Governor’s office. She told the AJC, “We are not selecting data and telling them how to portray it, although we do provide information about constituent complaints, check it for accuracy, and push them to provide more information if it is possible to do so.”

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