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George Takei, Others Blast Lauren Boebert For Rush Limbaugh Tweet

George Takei, Others Blast Lauren Boebert For Rush Limbaugh Tweet

There was a point in time where Lauren Boebert was the most notable QAnon congressperson. That was until all the clips of Marjorie Taylor Greene being racist and hateful came about. The Georgia lawmaker was removed from her committee assignment by the House.

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Boerbert, though, doesn’t seem to be content to sit back and let Greene draw all the controversy. This weekend, the Colorado congresswoman tweeted out a demand that Joe Biden honor Rush Limbaugh. Boebert was quickly ripped into by a number of prominent Twitter users.

The QAnon lawmaker wrote, “I’m calling on Joe Biden to order flags to be flown at half-staff in honor of Rush Limbaugh.”

Fellow congressperson Ruben Gallego wrote, “You didn’t call on President Trump to ask him to lower the flag for the officer killed during the January 6th insurrection… but you do for a divisive figure?”

Comedian Hal Sparks responded, “Do you want him to blare Rush’s racist quotes on loudspeakers in every church? I mean go big or GFY, right?”

But the most savage rebuke may have come from actor and activist George Takei. The Star Trek star tweeted, “You shouldn’t be calling on anyone except your lawyer, given your questionable campaign travel reimbursements which just happened to be enough to pay the tax liens you owed. Sit down.”

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