George Takei Burns Cancel Culture Obsessed Tomi Lahren

Tomi Lahren first came in to the public eye as a blogger and her career path has steadily risen throughout the presidency of Donald Trump. The Conservative provocateur has hosted shows both on One America News and the Fox News channel.

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE – OCTOBER 26: Tomi Lahren speaks onstage during the 2019 Politicon at Music City Center on October 26, 2019 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for Politicon )

And if there is anything sticking in Lahren’s craw these days, it is the common Republican talking point of cancel culture. On Friday, the pundit went on a long tweet storm complaining about the issue. At the end of her string, she was mocked by actor and activist George Takei.

Lahren, who lives in Nashville first complained about Covid restrictions in Tennessee. The state has seen a surge in cases throughout the month of July. She tweeted, “The little tyrant Nashville Mayor John Cooper is mandating all restaurants that serve alcohol be closed by 10pm because apparently coronavirus is more contagious at night…or maybe he’s just once again punishing business owners. Chicken Cooper must go!!”

The pundit was also furious about displays of unity during Major League Baseball’s opening weekend. “Willing to bet at least 75% of players and owners of these baseball teams don’t believe in this bullsh*t kneeling but had to go along with it to save their necks from the mob,” she tweeted. “Pathetic.”

Lahren wasn’t done with baseball. She continued, “Never kneel to the mob.”

Takei followed responded to that tweet with a slam on both Lahren and Donald Trump, “Never kneel to a mobster.”


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