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George Papadopoulos’ Wife’s Attacks Him on Twitter and Then Blames Someone Else

George Papadopoulos’ Wife’s Attacks Him on Twitter and Then Blames Someone Else

Just days ago, George Papadopoulos walked out of prison after having served 12 days of his 14 day sentence for lying to the FBI in regards to the Trump-Russia investigation.  On Friday evening, the day of his release, Papadopoulos’ wife, Simona Mangiante Papadopoulos, took to Twitter with some incredibly confusing tweets.

As pointed out by journalist Will Sommer, Simona received a comment by another twitter user which read, “God you are beautiful. George is very fortunate.”

Simona first responded, “George is lucky cause I have been more loyal to him than to myself,” but then things got weird.

As seen below, she then followed up to this tweet with a reply to herself less than 1 minute later (both at 11:51pm on December 7), saying, “@GeorgePapa19 doesn’t deserve a beauty like you, u have been loyal sweet and supportive. I never saw him defending you from all the attacks addressed to you! You can do better.”

Screenshot credit: Will Sommer

“Looks like George Papadopoulos’s wife forgot to switch accounts before posting,” Will Sommer of The DailyBeast tweeted, posting the screenshot above. “the apparent burner account tweet from Simona Mangiante Papadopoulos came in reply to her quote-tweeting another tweet praising her,” Sommer continued.

Shortly after appearing to make this tweet, Simona quickly deleted it and then deactivated her Twitter account.  Upon reactivating her account, she made another tweet apparently blaming the incident on someone else.

HillReporter has reached out to Simona Papadopoulos for comment, but at the time of this publication we have not received a response.

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