George Floyd Family’s Attorney Shares Body Cam Footage From Before Death — “Please Don’t Shoot Me, Man”

Ben Crump, the attorney for George Floyd’s family, shared leaked footage from the arrest, and the moments leading up to the death of the man. The leaked body cam video shows an officer holding a gun in Floyd’s face and giving multiple contradicting orders about what to do with his hands, while Floyd, who appears confused, begs the officer not to shoot him.

George Floyd on body cam
[Screenshot via Ben Crump/Instagram]

Crump shared the footage in two clips on Instagram. The first is 8 minutes long, and the second, 18 minutes, showing two vantage points of the arrest. The shorter video starts with the officer — Thomas Lane — knocking on the door of the vehicle. Floyd, showing surprise, opens it. Then the officer begins telling him to put his hands up, to put his hands on the steering wheel, and to put his hands on his head. FLoyd can be seen attempting to follow these directives, while begging not to be shot. Then the officer pulls him from the vehicle, and can be seen questioning others in the area. Being hurried into the police car, he begs for permission to count to three before going in, citing anxiety.

The longer video, apparently from J. Alexander Keung’s body cam, includes the footage of Floyd lying on the ground, with Officer Derek Chauvin’s knee on his neck, begging to be allowed to breathe.

The footage, originally obtained by the Daily Mail before being shared and verified by Attorney Crump, appears to have been recorded from a screen by a cell phone. Since the judge in the case had ruled that the video could only be viewed in the courthouse and not released, it was presumably recorded surreptitiously, before being passed on the the Daily Mail.

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