George Conway Explains Why Trump Lawyer's Points Are 'Nonsense'

Nearly every morning when he shows up to court, Donald Trump is carrying a stack of papers. The papers are actually printed-out articles from 'legal experts' penning op-eds in right-wing news sources about Trump's case. It would be a little sad to see someone doing something like this if it wasn't Donald Trump. 

But the talking points made by Trump's trial team and Republican legal minds are being regurgitated every day by Trump surrogates and GOP lawmakers. On Monday, George Conway explained why they were nonsense. 

According to Conway, an attorney himself, a hung jury is the best result Trump can hope for. He told CNN, "I mean, I think if he gets a hung jury here, and I think he's not going to get an acquittal. I think it's going to be because somebody does not make that connection between Trump and these records, but the problem for the defense is he signed some of the checks."

Conway continued:

"He paid very close attention to things that were expenditures made on his behalf. We heard the testimony about Madeleine Westerhaut and the $600 for whatever it was. He looked at these things, the backup for checks that he was signing, he had backup on it. The fake invoice, what it was for, and the point about it is, it's not about the Trump talking points here, which your hear from a lot of the lawyers. It seems to be that, unless he was there at the computer, any click that on the drop-down menu a false — he did it himself. Beyond a reasonable doubt, acquittal."