George Conway Explains Why Republicans Have to Fire Ronna McDaniel

Ronna McDaniel has done plenty of losing for the Republican party. She wasn't the RNC chair when Trump won the election in 2016. But she's been in charge in the many elections where the GOP has suffered terrible losses. 

Trump seems to like McDaniel and that may be her saving grace. But Trump also liked McDaniel enough to involve her in the 2020 scheme to overturn the 2020 election. And now the RNC chair is on tape encouraging canvassers to ignore the vote in Michigan. For that reason, George Conway says, the party needs to get rid of her. 

Host Chris Hayes began, "Like, you know this because you have worked you’ve worked in politics and you’ve been around the various layers that go around principals, as they’re often called. Right. Who they talk to on the phone, what’s a staff job? What’s the principal’s job like? The president on the phone with the wing canvassers. It’s just like there’s nothing he won’t do. There’s no there’s no links he won’t go to to get this done."

Conway then weighed in:

"And I got to say this about my former political party. You know, I mean, Ronna Romney, Romney McDaniel, the woman who changed her name. So that wouldn’t displease Donald Trump. I mean, I mean, this is just the sleaziest thing ever. Whether or not it’s criminal will set that aside. It’s just the sleaziest thing ever. And if my former political party had any decency or or shame, she’d be out on her ass. Forgive my language."