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George Conway Creates New Nickname For Trump, Which He’s Not Going To Like…

George Conway Creates New Nickname For Trump, Which He’s Not Going To Like…

President Donald Trump is usually the one to dish out nicknames to his critics. But one of his harshest detractors has a nickname for the president that may catch on, that Trump won’t be too happy with.

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George Conway — who happens to be the husband to Trump aide Kellyanne Conway — tweeted out on Thursday night, almost completely in a nonchalant manner, a nickname for Trump as part of a tweet quoting an article about the president’s impeachment.

Conway called the article an “update on IMPOTUS” — an acronym he explained stood for “Impeached President of the United States.”

POTUS is an acronym that’s commonly used to describe the president of the United States, but the addition of “IM” to its beginning makes it sound a lot like “impotent.” That word has two common definitions, the first that means “unable to take action” and whose synonyms include “helpless” or “powerless.”

Its second definition…we’ll allow you to figure out on your own.

After putting the word out to his followers, many were entertained by the new term Conway had crafted. He did what anyone else on social media would do, taking the next logical step and creating a hashtag around the word.

“Okay, you want a hashtag, you got it,” Conway said.

With more than 840,000 followers on the social media site Twitter, Conway’s new hashtag is sure to become popularized, especially since he’s been using it frequently since typing it out on Thursday. His doing so will likely rile his wife’s boss, however, though there’s no word yet from Trump (nor from Kellyanne Conway) decrying Conway’s new term.

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