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George Conway Calls on Michael Bloomberg to Buy Fox News

George Conway Calls on Michael Bloomberg to Buy Fox News

Michael Bloomberg has been hinting that he might throw his hat in the ring for the 2020 Democratic nomination. In addition to his political career, the former New York City mayor also runs the Bloomberg media empire.

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Earlier this week, the Brookings Institute’s Tom Wright suggested that Bloomberg should buy Fox News. This weekend, lawyer George Conway concurred with Wright, saying that this move would do much more for the country than a Bloomberg presidential run.

Earlier this week Bloomberg dispatched staffers to Alabama to collect signatures. The signatures would ensure that the former mayor would qualify for the Alabama primary.

Some pundits have been confused by Bloomberg’s decision to enter the race so late. Those pundits include Wright, who also contributes to the Atlantic.

The scribe posted on his Twitter account, “Mike Bloomberg’s first major campaign move should be to buy Fox News.”

Conway, who is married to Donald Trump staffer Kellyanne Conway, was quick to agree with Wright. He replied to the tweet, “Seriously, that would be the greatest thing that he could do for the country.”

Conway and Wright weren’t the only prominent voices to give Bloomberg advice over the weekend. Fellow billionaire and presidential candidate Tom Steyer also piped in.

“I don’t think [Michael Bloomberg] should run unless he’s willing to commit to it because he’s one of the people like me who’s been incredibly lucky to be in America, who’s profited enormously,” wrote Steyer.

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Bloomberg has yet to officially announce whether or not he will be entering the race.


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