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George Conway: Allegience to Donald Trump, QAnon ‘Destroying’ GOP

George Conway: Allegience to Donald Trump, QAnon ‘Destroying’ GOP

George Conway, a conservative attorney and founder of the Lincoln Project, predicted to CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Tuesday night that the Republican Party is hastening its own demise through its embrace of QAnon as well as its infrangible fidelity to former President Donald Trump.

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“So this new Congress has been in session for almost a month. What does it to say Republicans can’t decide if they’re the party of [Representative] Liz Cheney [R-WY] and [Senator] Mitt Romney [R-UT] and Donald Trump and [Representative] Marjorie Taylor Greene [R-GA]?” asked Cooper.

“I think we’re watching if it hasn’t happened already, the moral collapse of the Republican Party,” Conway opined. “This is a product of four years of people who knew better being silent about Donald Trump who himself was a conspiracy theorist, who told 30,000 lies in office, who talked about ridiculous fake miracle cures like for COVID, who pretended like COVID was going to go away, and told the biggest lie of all that resulted in violence, the big election lie that he had actually won the election by a landslide but he was cheated out of it.”

He continued:

In the last three months of his term, he tried to destroy – I mean this is what the impeachment trial is all about – he tried to destroy constitutional democracy in the United States of America. And, through all that, Republicans were largely silent. They didn’t call him out on this, and the problem now is this conspiracy theorism, the QAnon insanity, all of this has metastasized. The Republican Party has now a significant portion of it that is devoted, not just to the cult of Donald Trump, but to just insanty.

I don’t know how you have a Republican Party that can survive with the likes of Liz Cheney being attacked for standing up for the rule of law and meanwhile, this woman Marjorie Taylor Greene propounding bizarre theories and saying that the Speaker of the House should be assassinated and talking about Jewish space lasers. I don’t know how this party can survive like that.

Cooper asked Conway if he believes that the handful of GOP lawmakers who have condemned Greene, including Romney and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) are merely trying to “get on the record to save their reputations,” noting that Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH) had mentioned that he does not expect House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) to take any punitive actions against Greene.

“I think they are concerned, many of these senators, about her — they should be,” Conway said. “It’s destroying the Republican Party to have, you know, the insurrection, to have this is scaring away middle-class voters in the suburbs of swing states and elsewhere. They should be terrified.”

Cooper pointed out that Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is “giving MTG the benefit of the doubt” because he “had a very pleasant time traveling with her” and wonders whether her controversial social media posts had been doctored.

“That’s the problem. They’re scared of what this is doing to the stature of the party in these suburban enclaves but terrified of this base that, as I mentioned, has been saturated with toxic lies,” said Conway. “They’re caught between this. They’re caught between these two elements and I don’t know how it’s sustainable.”

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Cooper and Conway then chuckled as they both admitted they cannot fathom why Graham, who was just reelected by a sizeable margin, is kowtowing to the crazies.

“If I were in the position of a Lindsey Graham, I’d rather go down fighting for truth and for reasonableness or the rule of law,” Conway said. Graham is “terrified of these people and that’s the problem,” Conway added.

“What the Republicans have created by not standing up to Donald Trump for four years is a monster. They are terrified of a base that is saturated with these lies, where Fox News isn’t even good enough for them anymore. They have to go to other outlets like One America News Network to get their fill of what they want to believe even if it completely defies reality,” Conway concluded. “I don’t know how you walk back from that brink.”

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