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Conservative Writer Thinks Democrats Should Be ‘Hanged’ For ‘Treasonous’ Attempts To Remove Trump

Conservative Writer Thinks Democrats Should Be ‘Hanged’ For ‘Treasonous’ Attempts To Remove Trump

A writer for a popular far-right website appears to be advocating for the execution of Democratic lawmakers who are putting forward the case for impeaching President Donald Trump.

Gateway Pundit columnist Joe Hoft, the twin to the site’s founder Jim Hoft, penned a lengthy opinion piece ahead of a report from the impeachment inquiry, set to be delivered later on Tuesday. Hoft, in his piece, claimed that Trump is “arguably the best U.S. President since [President Abraham] Lincoln,” and said that Lincoln was “the last great President removed from office by Democrats.”

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Hoft made lofty comparisons in his diatribe, saying that Democrats today were no different than Democrats of the 1860s, who he said “were in on the Lincoln assassination.” Those Democrats “were killed in their escape or hanged high,” Hoft said.

He added that “it’s time to hold all seditious and treasonous Democrats who actively act to remove President Trump from office to the same fate!”

Hoft made additional dubious and conspiracy-laden claims in his piece, including many statements in which he said the Deep State, when it was unable to remove Trump through the Russia investigation, had simply moved onto the Ukraine scandal.

“As soon as the Mueller sham was over, and even before, the Deep State was again planning for their next seditious action to remove President Trump from office. As the Mueller sham was winding down, the Deep State decided to use a call the President made to the newly elected President of the Ukraine for their coup attempt,” Hoft said.

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It should go without saying that a presidential assassination and an impeachment are two extremes from one another in terms of how to remove a president from office — with the latter being a legal and legitimate way to do so. In spite of Hoft’s (and others’) words on the matter, impeachment is not a coup, but rather a legal mechanism allowed for by the Constitution to remove a chief executive who has abused their office.

Pinning all the blame on a supposed “deep state” operation, like Hoft has done, also ignores the fact that key members of Trump’s inner circle were involved in the impeachment inquiry. Some of these individuals were career State Department or national security officials who were holdovers from previous administrations, but not all of them.

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, for example, was hand-picked by Trump to go to Kyiv for Zelensky’s presidential inauguration, and is part of Trump’s National Security Council. European Union Ambassador Gordon Sondland was a devoted Trump supporter, who gave Trump’s inaugural committee $1 million, and was appointed by Trump personally to serve in the role he now holds.

Describing those men’s testimony as part of the “deep state” is questionable and dubious — although, it’s also a means to an end, one that supporters of Trump’s, including Hoft, show no intention of ending anytime soon.

As noted in previous reporting from HillReporter.com, Trump himself often calls out his opponents for acting in ways that are treasonous — a crime for which the punishment is death, according to U.S. Code.

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