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Gaslighting 101: Sean Hannity Blames Joe BIden for Delta Variant Surge

Gaslighting 101: Sean Hannity Blames Joe BIden for Delta Variant Surge

Right now, the Delta variant of COVID-19 is elevating cases in all 50 states. The problem is most severe, however, in states with Republican governors. And in those states, people are very likely to watch Fox News.

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Rather than explaining the benefits of getting vaccinated, many personalities on the network have pushed vaccine hesitancy. Tucker Carlson has taken it even farther, encouraging viewers to threaten and sue employees that have vaccine mandates. But you would have never known any of this if you listen to Sean Hannity. According to the Fox host, it’s actually Joe Biden, rather the GOP lawmakers and unvaccinated people, who is responsible for the current surge.

Hannity told viewers on Friday night:

“Let’s start with the vaccines. Last year while President Trump was working with scientists and major pharmaceutical companies to cut all the red tape and expedite safe effective vaccines, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, their friends in the media mob, their press secretaries, well they were busy sowing doubt and pushing anti-vax, anti-trump conspiracy theories, of course, we know why, all for political gain.”

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The Fox host continued, “Remember Biden then declared a new policy: vax or mask, remember that?m Now it’s vax and mask, and vaccine mandates and mask mandates and other draconian new restrictions, and the possibility of yet more shutdowns.”



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