Gaetz Slams McConnell Over His Refusal to Remove Richard Burr From

Despite the fact that he has only been in office since, Matt Gaetz has become one of the more well known members of Congress. Much of that is due to his affinity for Donald Trump and his grandstanding antics. Weeks before the coronavirus gripped the country, Gaetz wore a gas mask to mock the severity of the illness.

Via Matt Gaetz Twiter

But sometimes, Gaetz is willing to buck his party if he feels Republicans are in the wrong. He did so on Monday, slamming Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for his refusal to remove Richard Burr from Congress.

A recent report from Pro Publica alleged that Burr has dumped a number of stocks after receiving classified intel about COVID-19. The FBI has opened an investigation into the senator’s actions.

Today, CNN’s Jim Sciutto wrote, “New: DOJ has started probe of stock transactions by lawmakers ahead of sharp market downturn due to coronavirus. Inquiry, still in early stages & in coordination with SEC, has included FBI outreach to Sen Richard Burr.”

Gaetz shared the tweet, writing, “How can the Senate Majority Leader justify leaving someone as the Chairman of the Intelligence Committee….. who is being investigated by the FBI for criminally abusing their position for personal, financial gain?!?! Republicans need to do a better job cleaning our own house.”

McConnell has yet to respond to Gaetz’s call for action.

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