Gaetz: Media Looks Down on Fried Food Eating America

Alongside their leader, Donald Trump, numerous members of the GOP have joined in the criticism of the media. A common refrain is that the media represents the “coastal elite” and ignores the feelings of the “real American.”

Matt Gaetz Appears Outnumbered
Photo Credit Florida House

Matt Gaetz recently appeared on Fox News’ Mark Levin’s show, Life, Liberty and Levin. During the interview, Gaetz argued that the media represents those that eat quinoa and kale and not those real fried food eating Americans.

Gaetz began the interview by saying that the media doesn’t speak for the average American. He told Levin, “I believe that far too many people in the Washington media have given up journalism, and instead have taken on the role of advocacy. They don’t believe that their job is to report on what is happening. They are trying to shape public opinion to be consistent with their worldview.”

The Florida congressman seemed to think the diet eaten by a voter has a lot to do with their political leanings. He continued, “It’s a worldview where you eat nothing but kale and quinoa, where those of us who cling to our Bibles and our guns and our fried foods and real America are looked down upon.”

Gaetz also took a shot at Head of the House Intelligence Adam Schiff. He argued that rather than reporting, journalists are, “pigeons, waiting for Adam Schiff to throw them a little bit of bird food. And then they just go take it and fly off it with whatever narrative that he wants to spin.”

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