Gaetz Gaslights As Ex-GF Flips to Work With Feds

A former Capitol Hill staffer who was romantically linked to beleaguered Congressman Matt Gaetz (Q-FL) is working with federal investigators to help them understand the relevance of hundreds of transactions they have obtained records of, including those involving alleged payments for sex.

News of the unnamed woman’s willingness to talk, which had not been previously reported, comes just days after the Justice Department formally entered into a plea agreement with Joel Greenberg, a one-time close friend of Gaetz whose entanglement with young women first drew the congressman onto investigators’ radar.

Matt Gaetz endorsed man accused of child sex trafficking
[Photo by Drew Angerer/GettyImages]
The former staffer is seen as a critical witness, as she has been linked to Gaetz as far back as the summer of 2017, a period of time that has emerged as a key window of scrutiny for investigators. Greenberg told investigators that he, Gaetz, and at least two other men had sexual contact with a 17-year-old girl. Gaetz has repeatedly denied he ever had sex with a minor or paid for sex, but Greenberg and others have told investigators that Gaetz had used apps such as Venmo to make individual payments to the girls that added up to $900.

According to the plea agreement, Greenberg had sex with the girl “at least seven times when she was a minor” and “introduced the Minor to other adult men, who engaged in commercial sex acts with the Minor” in central Florida. Greenberg’s cooperation on the subject is a primary reason that 27 of the 33 charges he had been facing were wiped away. The extent to which he backs it up will have an impact on his final prison sentence. As part of his plea agreement, Greenberg is required to cooperate fully with the federal government in other ongoing investigations and prosecutions.

Gaetz, who has not been charged with a crime, is also under investigation over allegations of prostitution and public corruption. He has long denied having sex with the 17-year-old in public statements and interviews. Decisions on whether to charge Gaetz have yet to be made and will fall to prosecutors in the public integrity section of the Justice Department. That decision is likely to take some time, as the Justice Department considers whether there’s sufficient evidence for an indictment.

Meanwhile, Gaetz continues his “America First” tour with Marjorie Taylor Greene, where he acted as though he’d never done a thing wrong in his life, by golly.


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