Gab Founder Is Offended Jared Kushner Won’t Let Donald Trump Join

Gab founder Andrew Torba may see his social media network, where fringe right-wingers who have been kicked off Facebook and Twitter gather, suffer if Donald Trump really does, as promised, launch his own similar site. In posts Tuesday, he lashed out at Jared Kushner, who reportedly has kept Trump off Gab, saying he wouldn’t change anything to bring the former president on board.

[Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]

In January, Yahoo News reported that Jared Kushner and Dan Scavino had teamed up to keep Donald Trump from joining sites like Gab or Parler after he was kicked off Twitter and Facebook. They said they didn’t think the sites were well-managed enough to handle the influx of users that a Trump presence would bring.

Now that Trump surrogates have claimed a new social media site will be coming at some unspecified future time, where Trump can post without fear of fact-checking, Gab founder and CEO Andrew Torba is responding.

Andrew Torba, of Gab, is offended that Trump won't join
[Screenshot via Andrew Torba/Gab]

He posted to his social site, saying that Trump is welcome to join Gab and post freely, but “under no circumstances will Gab change our free speech policies, Mr. Kushner.”

He also shared a Forbes article in which he’s quoted as claiming that Kushner tried to sell Trump’s presence, demanding equity in the site in exchange for Trump joining.

In a move that brings to mind the phrase ‘sour grapes,’ Torba, who has been vocally defending his site, also reshared a comment from a user who said he preferred social media without Trump, and that Gab was preferable to any hypothetical Trump site of the future.

[Screenshot via Andrew Torba/Gab]

Torba has previously lashed out at Parler, the primary competition for users who can’t keep their posting within the use terms of mainstream social sites, but seems particularly perturbed at Trump moving to start a new site instead of joining Gab.

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