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Gab CEO Says He Was Warned To Avoid Trump “Grifters”

Gab CEO Says He Was Warned To Avoid Trump “Grifters”

After Donald Trump was kicked off Twitter and Facebook, he sought another social media platform to reach his base. Now the CEO of Gab, a far-right social platform, says he was warned not to get involved with the Trump family.

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In January, only days after Trump lost all his social media accounts, a report came out saying that the then-president wanted to join a far-right platform like Gab or Parler, but that Jared Kushner had stopped him. Gab CEO Andrew Torba responded with a rant post addressed to Kushner.

Now, he says he was warned by both liberal and conservative family members that Donald Trump is surrounded by grifters and doing business with the ex-president would be risky.

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In further video that Torba shared on his Gab page, he goes on to say that Jared Kushner wanted him to ban antisemitism on the platform.

“Jared Kushner specifically had problems with people criticizing Jewish people, and Zionism, and policies related to Israel. I mean, that’s specifically what I was told, is ‘You have to do something about these people.’ He called them Jew haters, I call them Jew criticizers.”

Recent reports say that Trump wanted a social media platform to pay him to join, because he believed he would bring enough new users to add monetary value to the business. Since he shut down his failing blog, a spokesperson has said that Donald Trump will soon be joining another social media site, although there is no word on what site, or when that will be.

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