GA Cop Who Pushed Horse Dewormer Remedy Dies of COVID19

A captain at the Wayne County, Georgia, Sheriff’s Office who promoted anti-vaccination propaganda on his Facebook page has died from COVID-19.

Capt. Joe Manning died this week at the age of 57 after what Sheriff Chuck Moseley described as a brief battle with COVID-19. “Captain Manning was an integral part of our family and our hearts are broken,” Moseley said. “Our love and prayers go forward to his family.”


Manning, who is survived by his wife, three children, and eight grandchildren, frequently posted anti-vaccine messages on his Facebook page. On August 14th, for instance, Manning posted a meme that stated, “If we lose on vaccines we will completely lose our right to sovereignty over our own bodies.” Manning encouraged people to stock up on the anti-parasitic drug ivermectin, frequently used to deworm horses, and increasingly being taken by people in a misguided attempt to treat or prevent COVID-19.


That very same day, Manning informed his friends that “Wayne Feed and Seed has some liquid and paste Ivermectin get it while supplies last.” Some conservatives recently have promoted taking the horse deworming medicine that contains ivermectin, even though it was not designed to treat the deadly virus.

When someone asked Manning in the comments if he needed to be dewormed, Manning replied, “don’t care as long as it works.”

In fact, the Center for Disease Control has advised people to not take horse deworming medicine that happens to contain ivermectin, as such medicines are designed for animals that weigh several times what the typical human weighs.

Additionally, there is not nearly enough data yet to conclude whether ivermectin is an effective treatment for COVID-19.


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