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Ft. Worth PD Blasts Carlson for “Recklessly Releasing” Inaccurate Information

Ft. Worth PD Blasts Carlson for “Recklessly Releasing” Inaccurate Information

Since George Floyd’s death at the hands of Minneapolis Police, protests have erupted around the country. Demonstrations in some cities have featured violent encounters between protesters and the police. In some cases, there has also been looting.

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Fox News, and especially Tucker Carlson, have made a point of highlighting the looting during broadcasts. During the host’s May 31st show, he told viewers that the Fort Worth, Texas Police Department has released all protesters who had been arrested for rioting. Last night, the department angrily responded to this claim by saying that Carlson is recklessly releasing false information.

The statement read in part, “Mr. Tucker went on to say that Chief Ed Krauss ‘dropped all charges against the rioters. This information is absolutely inaccurate and not consistent with the actual facts. The only charges dropped were minor misdemeanors which did not involve property or personal crimes.”

The press release continued, “Mr Carlson went on to say that Chief Kraus suggested in a released statement that he believed those who were committing crimes were officers with the FWPD. This too is absolutely inaccurate and a gross mischaracterization of any statement released by Chief Kraus or the department.”

The FWPD then wrote, “Recklessly releasing such inaccurate, unverified information does nothing for the good of the public and simply creates and environment of confusion and bitterness during a time in which so many are wanting their voices heard.

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You could real a full copy of the Fort Worth Police Deparment’s Statement here:

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